Taliparamba Arts & Science College

Literacy Association

         The Literary Association of the PG Department of English at Taliparamba Arts and science college is committed to promoting literary appreciation, fostering creative expression, and nurturing intellectual dialogue among students, faculty, and the wider community. Throughout the academic year, the association organizes a diverse range of events and activities aimed at enriching the literary and cultural landscape of our *Journey of Poiesis*

          The PG Department of English has consistently fostered a culture of literary excellence since its flagship programs’ inception. These initiatives have not only enriched the academic landscape but also provided a platform for students and faculty to showcase their talents and delve into the realms of literature and art.


Crescendo and Meraki

In 2017, the department embarked on its journey with the initiation of “Crescendo,” followed by the remarkable success of “Meraki” in 2018. Both programs were met with resounding applause, setting the stage for further literary endeavors.

La Muse and Poiesis Unveiled

In 2022, “La Muse” witnessed the unveiling of our esteemed literary club, christened “Poiesis” by Mr. Shivsankar Rajmohan. The session, gracefully led by Mr. Rajmohan, captivated the audience, marking another milestone in our literary voyage.

Poiesis Gala 2k24

Continuing this legacy of excellence, on February 7th, 2024, Poiesis hosted the spectacular “Gala 2k24.” This grand event showcased the literary prowess of our students and served as a platform for unveiling the Department Magazine, “FUMING WHEN SIZZLING WAR AND PEACE IN FRYPAN” We were honored to have Mr. Sreerag PK, Assistant Professor at PRNSS Mattannur College, as our esteemed guest.

As we reflect on our journey, we take pride in Poiesis’ achievements and the unwavering support of our faculty, students, and esteemed guests. With each endeavor, we reaffirm our commitment to nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and a passion for literature. We look forward to continuing this enriching journey, exploring new horizons, and leaving an indelible mark in the realm of literary arts community.